Welcome to our school.
We hope your child will have many happy and fulfilling moments here.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Bryanston Pre-Primary School is a happy, fun-filled atmosphere that stems from a sincere love and appreciation of what it means to be a child. This is a warm and loving place where pupils feel comfortable in their own skin. In this way they are able to express themselves through laughter and play and discover their true potential.

Our philosophy is one of learning through both structured and free play. We pride ourselves on being a school that sees the potential in each and every one of our pupils and helps them fulfill that, within a professional but loving environment.

Our main aim is to ensure that when a child leaves our school, they are more than prepared for
Grade R. We realise, however, that this is not only about being academically ready but also having the emotional maturity to deal with this next big step in their lives. One of our key aims is therefore to instil a strong sense of confidence in each child, so they leave us feeling good about themselves and their place in the world!

Bryanston Pre-Primary has been in existence since 1963, evolving from a little playgroup into a fully operational school. The six classes range in size from 12 to 20 children per class, with a maximum of six months age difference between children. This helps both the children and the teacher as the norms and capabilities stay within a certain range. Debra Wallace has owned the school since 1996. Nicola Phillips, the principal runs the school, with the help of the invaluable teachers and teaching assistants, secretary and four domestic staff.

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